This 3d-Printed Ecosystem Lets You Grow Produce at Home Responsibly

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: avooq & 3dprintingindustry
Australian design company Avooq released a free 3D-printed aquaponics system that acts like a tiny closed loop and ecologically balanced habitat.

The 'Cascaqua' combines plant and fish cultivation to create a miniature ecological system where a plant life cares for a fish and the fish does the same for the plant. This aquaponics system is actually based on ancient practices dating back to the Aztec civilization that combined fish farming and hydroponics.

The system works by converting the waste from a fish into ammonia that bacteria turns into nutrients. This nutrient-rich water is then pumped up to the plant where it's then watered and fed while also filtering the water. This natural filtering system then provides clean and oxygenated water back to the fish. With this sustainable system, home produce and pet ownership can be combined in one innovative 3D-printed design.