The Apathy for the Setting Sun Installation is a Subtle Stunner

 - May 21, 2011
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The sun is a spectacular sight to behold, especially when we have a clear view of it rising and setting; the Apathy for the Setting Sun art installation seems to be a tribute to that experience. Of course, it does so in an indirect manner, considering that the artist is suggesting that we no longer feel any passion or excitement when a sun sets simply because it happens every day of our lives.

Created by Australia-based artist Joshua Webb, the Apathy for the Setting Sun art installation is made up of three intriguing components. The centerpiece is a warm, glowing starburst that not only represents the sun but also a dangerous hydrogen bomb. Two windows are lit with a colorful gradient that looks to represent the hues of a setting sun and, unfortunately, there is no explanation for the statues placed on either side of the artificial sun.