The Antony Gormley 'Still Standing' Exhibition is Expressive

 - Jul 22, 2012
References: whitecube
Using a medium of minimalist geometric shapes, the Antony Gormley 'Still Standing' exhibition gives a logical twist to human emotion.

Being exhibited at the hip White Cube Hoxton Square in London, the sculptures shine with their spacial occupation of the gallery. The installation consists of 17 "body forms" that depict different positions including mid-movement, involuntary spasm and fetal position.

According to WhiteCube, Gormley explains that he aims to apply "the formalism of modernity to the body in order to see what that contradiction brings up in terms of an emotional language"

The most groundbreaking characteristic of Gormley's work is his ability to convey -- at times devastating -- emotion with such a logical cubist medium. It is of a fully modern aesthetic that adheres to the principle of geometric construction. It creates a forum for free interpretation of his work, and a truly fascinating exhibition.