This Anti-Trump Bus Ad in Denmark Encourages Americans Abroad to Vote

 - Oct 30, 2016
References: metronews & adweek
In Denmark, googley-eyed anti-Trump bus ads are encouraging Americans who live abroad to vote in the upcoming American presidential election.

The bus ads feature the top of Trump's head positioned over the rear wheel with the wheels being painted like googley-eyes. As the bus drives around, it looks like Trump's eyes are rolling around in his head. The message accompanying the image is simple: "Americans Abroad Vote."

The anti-Trump bus ads were paid for by the Socialist People's Party. The ad is aimed to encourage Americans living in Denmark to vote in the upcoming election, because the Party is concerned about the global consequences of having Trump in the Oval Office. They say that there are over 8,500 Americans living in Denmark who are eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The ads will remain on the buses until after Election Day.