'Antistress for Free' Lets Travelers Burst Bubbles for Relief

The 'Antistress for Free' by artist fra.biancoshock provides commuters with a piece of bubble wrap to stay entertained while waiting for a bus.

Placed in a Milan bus stop, the installation features sheets of bubble wrap in various sizes for popping pleasure. Each stack of the sheets are nailed to a post with the smallest for three minutes, the next up for five minutes and the largest for ten minutes. The ingenious installation helps soothe angry bus riders who find themselves stressed while waiting for their bus by providing a monotonous task to keep busy.

The idea is being praised by participants as a great way to keep their minds off of their travel time and help de-stress before reaching their destinations. It may only be at one bus stop but I'm sure commuters around the world would be thoroughly entertained by this installation.