Tyler The Creator's New Anti-Homophobia Line Features Political Symbols

 - May 13, 2015
References: golfwang & huffingtonpost
Highly controversial Tyler The Creator has recently launched a line of anti-homophobia tees that feature the old neo-Nazi logo.

Tyler -- who has often been called homophobic -- launched these simple but statement-making t-shirts through his Golf Wang fashion collective. The shirts are plain 100% cotton white tees with the old neo-Nazi logo in the middle. The logo is redone in a rainbow color palette and where it would usually say "White Pride Worldwide" it now says "Gold Pride Worldwide." When designing this expressive tee, Tyler made plans to re-appropriate the hateful logo and diminish its original statement and give it a brand new meaning of inclusiveness and love.

These anti-homophobia tees are currently sold out on the Golf Wang website while stickers are still available.