The Start App Sees if Your Medication is Properly Suited for You

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: iodine & buzzfeed
Figuring out if the medication you've been prescribed is working for you is an important task that requires careful consideration and documentation, and Start is an antidepressant app by Iodine that helps you track the progress of your medication and do just that. The app is designed to help users judge within a six week timeline if the medication is an ideal fit.

Not all medications work for every, and so the Start mobile health app is set to help you figure out exactly what antidepressants work for you and which don't. The app alerts you to what is to be expected with each medication including side effects as well as daily mood check-ins. At the end of two weeks users receive a progress report that they can use to discuss with their doctor to determine if the medication is best suited to them.