The Options+ Wide-Neck and Narrow Anti-Colic Bottles Support Fussy Babies

 - Mar 16, 2019
References: drbrownsbaby & prnewswire
Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Options+ Anti-Colic Bottles integrate an internal vent system that has been clinically proven to reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas, while also preserving the nutrients in breast milk and formula. As well as introducing an updated Options+ Anti-Colic Narrow Bottle, Dr. Brown's is now also sharing an all-new Options+ Wide-Neck Anti-Colic Bottle.

Both of the Anti-Colic Bottles are designed to offer a fuss-free feeding experience and support the transition from feeding with a breast to a bottle and back again. The breast-like nipple on the bottle was designed in high-grade soft silicone with a contoured shape that's flexible at the top and gradually firms, providing a comfortable and natural bottle-feeding experience with a flow rate that lets young ones set their own pace for feeding.