Anthill Art Captures the Intricate Homes of These Underground Critters

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: anthillart & theverge
The work of Anthill Art is utterly breathtaking. Although his alias gives away exactly what these sculptures represent, people won't be able to fully comprehend or appreciate what is before them without further elaboration. Anthill Art isn't simply inspired by the intricate underground homes of these insect colonies, he invades them to immortalize actual ones.

Anthill Art does this by pouring liquid aluminum down the entrance of the anthill. Once hardened, the sculpture is pulled out and blasted with water to remove dirt and impurities. The resulting sculpture is full of intricate twists, turns and pockets that are characteristic of different types of ants. Although people would like to believe Anthill Art only targets abandoned homes, some of them are not.