is a Free Site for Intimidated Home Buyers

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: sundaybell & facebook offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity to connect with real estate agents in an anonymous and pressure-free environment. Buying or selling a home can be a very intimidating experience, but this website is making it easy to get the advice and information you need before making that all important decision. Furthermore, they have access to a multitude of industry professionals, allowing users to make the most informed decision before committing. is revolutionizing the real estate industry by allowing non-professionals access to information and resources usually reserved for those in-the-know.

The site offers options for people in different stages of their home-buying journey. Those with specific agents in mind can use the SelectAnAgent tool, those without can be matched with an agent through the AgentBlaster tool, and those with their dream home in mind can use the BuyerBlaster tool to allow agents with listings that match their description to contact them.
With it's all free and it's all anonymous until you're ready to sit down with the professional of your choosing.