This New Animal Photography Series is Sombre and Moving

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: kuophoto & beautifuldecay
This new powerful and realistically sombre animal photography series delves into the world of illegally imported animals being brought into the United States.

Photographer Linda Kuo captures through her lens heart-breaking images for her new animal photography series 'Displaced.' Using animal portraits, the photographer tells of the social injustices these animals face because of the difficult ordeal they are forced to go through -- almost 300 million animals are illegally brought into the US to become domesticated pets.

Each of her photographs shows us an animal that has been taken out of its natural habitat and displaced in the New York City Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine.

Mixing the coldness and lonesomeness of a sterile hospital setting with the warmth of these adorable animals, Kuo's series will hopefully help make a change and put a stop to this inhumane treatment and sales of animals.