The 'Voiceless' Series Really Speaks to Animal Lovers

 - May 5, 2013
References: inspirefirst
Photographer and artist Rebeca Saborio’s series ‘Voiceless’ is a breathtaking collection of shots focusing in on animals. These photographs include a variety of different creatures ranging from cows, to iguanas and pretty much everything in between.
The outdoor settings in these photographs have a dark, quiet beauty to them. Each shot has a gloomy feel, caused by foggy mists and cloudy darkened skies. Each shot includes trees with overgrown roots, or green grass. This series really captures nature at its best.

The most interesting part of these pictures is what’s missing from them – people! While there are elements in some of the photos that allude to human life, such as fences and cushioned chairs, people are noticeably absent here. It makes the audience wonder whether that absence is intentional. Could the artist be making a statement about how beautiful a world without people could be? Is she speaking out on behalf of these voiceless animals? Regardless of meaning, these photos are stunning.