Andrew Salgado Forms Faces with Chaotic Brush Strokes

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: andrewsalgado & thisiscolossal
Though these Andrew Salgado paintings may appear chaotic, it doesn't take an art critic to discern the beautiful visages found in these unique oil paint creations.

The swatch-like brush strokes and paint blotches work harmoniously to form the faces of rugged men, yet the cacophony process that went into the making of each painting is maintained. The result of this is a collection of images that simultaneously display Salgado's creative journey towards completion of a piece, as well as the masterful end product itself.

Though Andrew Salgado's ability to invoke dramatic atmospheres is quite evident, using colors to suggest emotions, it's his ability to define lighting in these anarchic pieces that truly inspires me. Value and gradation are still very much a part of Salgado's paintings despite the seeming randomness of his brush strokes.