Amelie von Wulffen Creates Saucy Scenes with Fruit

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: azpcgallery & itsnicethat
Amelia von Wulffen paints fruit in some compromising positions. In fact, her work is an odd combination of fruit and tools; an unlikely pairing to be sure, but nonetheless intriguing.

The normally-inanimate objects are brought to life by Wulffen's paint brush, moving throughout this strange, surreal universe as if they were people: participating in sexual acts, attending concerts and going to the gym.

The result is a series of darkly funny paintings that shed light on our own deeply mundane realities. For what are we, if not awkward creatures, fumbling around the world, desperately seeking connection and gratification? The personified paintings reveal more about the human condition than we would anticipate from a group of fruit.