Thomas Talks About Amateur Baker Louise Caola and Her Disguised Treats

 - Dec 2, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter’s Thomas Wade-West expresses his enjoyment of amateur baker Louise Caola and her amazingly disguised cakes. The London-based baker took up the art of baking delicious cakes disguised as other savory foods. In her collection there are steak and potato cakes, pizza cakes, sausage and mashed potato cakes, chicken cakes and even a McDonald’s burger meal cake. Amateur baker Louise Caola made several other cakes that look just like real food but once you take a bite you will meet an unexpectedly sweet surprise.

Thomas loves the laid back atmosphere of Trend Hunter and the lack of cubicles. Working side by side with other workers and being able to listen to music are two things he really enjoys. His greatest accomplishment at Trend Hunter is getting his speed of writing to supersonic levels.