This Edamame and Aloe Vera Juice Drink is Finished with Basil and Lime

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: wrgmag
This Tiger Glass cocktail recipe uses edamame, aloe vera juice and fresh herbs to achieve its gorgeous pale emerald color and unusual, herby taste.

Edamame are steamed in their pods, shelled and seasoned with kosher salt and lemon juice to prepare the cocktail. The edamame are then blended with granulated sugar, water and aloe vera juice to create a fine puree. Next, the aloe vera juice and edamame mixture is poured into a cocktail shaker and shaken with ice and fresh Thai basil. Finally, the flavorful green potion is poured into a Tom Collins glass and garnished with a lime wedge.

The aloe vera juice-based cocktail is packed with nutritious and hydrating ingredients, so an evening beverage doesn't have to be such a guilty pleasure.