The Renault ZOE Offers Improved Range and Power

 - Sep 30, 2016
References: press.renault & newatlas
The latest and greatest version of the Renault ZOE is a truly innovative and smartly engineered all-electric car that offers substantially improved range compared to its already impressive successors. While the old 2012 version of the Renault ZOE promised a driving range of 209 km, the new version offers a significant improvement at 400 km.

The reason behind this all-electric car's improved range has to do with a high-tech Z.E. battery pack that features slicker chemical engineering insofar as the lithium-ion cells are concerned, with the end result being greater energy output. The battery is the same size as previous versions but can now offer 41 kilowatt-hours of energy.

Set to be made available for sale in the first week of October, the Renault ZOE is a great example of smart chemical engineering enhancing the capability of all-electric cars.