The Alka Seltzer 2011 Print Ads are Simple and to the Point

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: bbdo & ibelieveinadv
Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance in certain aspects of life, so the Alka Seltzer 2011 ad campaign hopes to show you how this product can help you in at least one department. By utilizing the rather common image of the Ying and Yang symbol, these print ads show that you can enjoy certain foods without paying any awkward or even painful digestive consequences.

Conceived and executed by Guatemala-based ad agency BBDO, the Alka Seltzer 2011 ad campaign is simple and to the point. Considering that this symbol has become quite universal over the years, no explanation is needed to clarify the image. This allows for a rather strong connection with the ads since the viewer and potential consumer has the opportunity to fill in any blanks themselves.