'Alexa Announcements' Sends Messages to All Echo Devices in a Home

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: geekwire & cnet
Alexa Announcements is a new home assistant feature that is sure to save families the strenuous task of shouting to one another. The concept behind the feature is quite simple and begins with the command: "Alexa, announce that," "Alexa, broadcast," or "Alexa, tell everyone." From there, users just need to tack on a message and the voice assistant will send the command to every Echo device around the home.

The Alexa Announcements feature is set to roll out to Alexa users in the US and Canada in early April and will be built-in to all future Alexa products. The feature also allows users to send an announcement through the Alexa app on iOS or Android, or from an Alexa-enabled tablet. While the message can be sent from these devices, the announcement itself can only be made through an Echo device.

Image Credit: Todd Bishop/ Geekwire