AirPnP Allows Users to Lend Out Their Bathrooms to the Public

 - Mar 6, 2014
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AirPnP has no qualms about using the AirBnB name, but the service it offers is very different. AirPnP is providing a true life-saving service for event-goers.

When going out to an event, it's a regular occurrence to come in contact with some pretty gross washrooms and that's if you ever even get to use them at all with the lines. AirPnP is helping the average attendee out by allowing people to post their own private residencies on the site, letting people use their private washrooms.

While AirBnB is the go-to for travel these days, AirPnP will be more of a lifesaver in terms of convenience. The posters also get a small sum of money for their troubles, which helps everyone win in this circumstance.