Chris LaBrooy's 'Flight Intestine' Turns the Familiar into the Bizarre

 - Apr 10, 2014
References: & lustik.tumblr
'Flight Intestine' by Chris LaBrooy is an unusual piece of airplane art that looks like the lengths of intestines are dripping from the body of a plane. Although quite intestine-like, the abstraction and bright yellow coloring of the sculptures thankfully prevent it from looking too life-like. The shiny, oozing sculpture attached to the airplane is emblematic of LaBrooy's work, which transforms ordinary objects into much stranger versions of themselves. Even though the form of the plane is a familiar one, there's something very alien about the art piece too.

As CGI technology becomes more advanced and at the same time accessible, more and more of LaBrooy's crazy manipulations are able to come to life. Unfortunately, as real as it may seem, Flight Intestine is just a rendering, because it would be very costly to actually produce.