Terrafugia May Soon Have the First Street Legal Air-Born Electric Vehicles

 - May 13, 2013
References: terrafugia & news.discovery
Hybrid air-born cars could soon be a reality. Terrafugia may soon be able to launch the world's first street legal air-born cars. It is an incredibly long and complicated process getting all of the approvals for this process, but for the first time ever, the FAA has approved these multi-purpose electric flying cars. Although there are still many steps for the company to go through, this is the closest any company in the world has come to getting a flying car approved for the streets.

The next-gen 'TF-X' will be a street legal plug-in hybrid car that has collapsible wings, retractable propellers, and is capable of driving and flying on its own in the event of an emergency. It looks like the future of transportation is on the verge of a major change.