The 'Heir' Air Conditioning Unit is Aesthetically Stunning

 - Nov 8, 2016
References: debaserdesign & yankodesign
The traditional design of air conditioning units is often focused on being somewhat monolithic, so the 'Heir' design aims to change this. Created by Debaser Design, the 'Heir' air conditioner is a freestanding air conditioner that is stylistically modern and that can be highlighted or hidden in a space, depending on preferences.

The 'Heir' is crafted using a mix of wood and stone, which liken the unit to a work of art rather than an appliance for keeping you comfortable during hot weather.

The modern consumer is quickly growing to be unsatisfied with the boring design of traditional products like air conditioning units. The 'Heir' identifies how designers are creating new iterations of classic products to satisfy a growing demand for style and upscale aesthetics in the modern retail market.