The Unseen Air Collection Changes with the Environment

 - Nov 18, 2015
References: seetheunseen & fastcodesign
As a play on high-end hypercolor, Unseen's Air Collection features accessories that are responsive to the environment. These eccentrically designed pieces are capable of changing color depending on the atmosphere.

Sold through London department store Selfridges, the Air Collection is a lavish lineup made of leather bags, wallets and jewelry. The chameleon-like quality of these accessories is made possible by the color-changing ink used to decorate the leather goods. Developed by Unseen founder Lauren Bowker, the inks are made of chemical compounds that respond to heat, pollution, air pressure and moisture. Each environmental condition is paired with a color. While yellow is for carbon dioxide, red is for heat, blue is for moisture and green is for wind pressure.

When mixed together, these colors create new hues on the accessories which grant the user a new looking bag wherever they travel.