New Research Unlocks Hidden Reasons

 - Apr 15, 2013
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There are some adults that still sleep with the light on due to a fear of the dark. These people suffer from Achluophobia a scientific terms used to describe phobias involving a fear of darkness or Nyctophobia, a fear of the night.

The creators of the world's original online alarm clock at thought it would be informative to research the subject of just how many people suffer from a fear of darkness and sought to pinpoint just how many people actually suffer from such phobias.

The research involved trying to determine if there are any justifiable reasons for such fears such as night threats from our early predators resulting in an instinctive fear of darkness being ingrained in human beings or whether current crime statistics show that we all in fact have a legitimate reason to be a little afraid of the dark.

Finally, offers a ray of hope by suggesting ways that people suffering from such fears can get help.