This Series By Adalberto Abbate Examines Our Confused Society

In his most recent solo exhibit at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Palermo, Adalberto Abbate captures the need for the individual to constantly create, destroy and reconstruct their self. The Sicilian artist uses his work to create political statements whether it be sculpture, photography, street art or installations and this series of portraits is no different. Entitled 'Selfportrait: Build/Destroy/Rebuild,' Abbate examines the distorted reflections of our identities created a society filled with confusion.

These ripped photographs symbolize our continual need to reprogram the self-creating an emptying of the the consciousness. Each portrait shows how through this process the boundaries become blurred as the individuals loses their thoughts, beliefs and desires.

This exhibition by Adalberto Abbate is described by the art and culture website CollabCubed to symbolize, "the passage of energy, an idea of change, a charge from rage and consciousness that was concretely manifested in the Arab Spring."