Aceso Delivers Cannabis in a Unique Form for Anxiety, Pain and More

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: myaceso & wellandgood
Aceso is the name of a Colorado-based brand that's named after the Greek goddess of healing and produces a range of products that aim to spread health with hemp. Most notably, Aceso produces single-serve sachets that are filled with powder that is intended to be mixed with water and consumed in a drink. Varieties include Calm, which specifically tackles anxiety, Soothe for pain and Wellness for the benefit of one's general well-being. Aceso also offers these products in the form of sprays that can be applied under the tongue for fast-acting relief.

Alongside cannabis, Aceso's products are powered by potent natural ingredients such as passionflower, lavender and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

Just as many consumers are turning to single-serve drink powders as a means of adding enhancing their beverages with flavor, they also appreciate this form of delivery as a means of maintaining their health on the go.