These Wall Coverings by Murals Wallpaper Distort Camouflage

When it comes to design, remixes of classic patterns (like this abstract camouflage) can make a traditional idea feel fresh.

A military-inspired look is one of those ideas that reoccurs throughout time and is constantly being reinvented to feel new. Camouflage is a pattern that has a strong identity and mental image behind it, conjuring imagery of strength and masculinity. It has rarely been seen in our homes on a large scale, let alone as a wallpaper, but 'Murals Wallpaper' has developed this stunning and fun remix of the pattern in a variety of Millennial-inspired color combinations. Looking at this abstract camouflage pattern, it seems there could be no connection to the original idea yet it feels somehow familiar. This is certainly a bold way to incorporate such a unique pattern into your home.