Justin.tv Under Fire Over User Overdose

 - Nov 22, 2008
References: itproportal & news.cnet
Lifestreaming is the practice of documenting your daily habits, feelings and activities online. Many of us lifestream in some form, whether it's by posting a status update on MySpace or Facebook, using Twitter or writing a blog entry. The most extreme form of lifestreaming, however, is through live video feeds.

Justin.tv is one such site that allows users to create and view live streaming video feeds. Essentially any user can create and maintain a webcam feed unless they are flagged for removal by the community.

This week, the Justin.tv community got a harsh reminder of the reality that lies behind lifestreaming. 19-year-old Justin.tv user Abraham K. Biggs committed suicide while in front of his webcam; the chat room was ablaze with people encouraging him to swallow the pills that finally did him in.

A bodybuilding site was also full of taunts and challenges to go ahead and continue Biggs' dangerous webcast. Abraham K. Biggs had apparently threatened suicide before, but chatters were skeptical that his threats were real.