ABB's YuMi was Maestro for Andrea Bocelli and the Lucca Symphony Orchestra

 - Sep 14, 2017
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ABB's YuMi robot looks like the industrial arms that people associate with auto factories. But if those industrial robots are blue collar workers, then YuMi is those bots' sensitive, soulful, artistic cousin. The robot recently became the first dual-arm robot to fully collaborate with a group of humans, guiding the Lucca Symphony Orchestra and famous opera vocalist Andrea Bocelli in a rendition of Verdi's popular 'La Donna e Mobile' from 'Rigoletto.'

To conduct a symphony, ABB's YuMi robot rehearsed and trained with the Lucca Symphony Orchestra's human maestro, Andrea Colombini. With the help of a team of engineers, YuMi recorded the precise movements of Maestro Colombini as he conducted the orchestra, and it then mimicked those movements with its articulated arms.