Morphogenesis' 'A River in Need' Will Rehabilitate the Ganges

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: & archdaily
The Ganges, India's longest river, is considered a living goddess in Hinduism, and so Morphogensis' 'A River in Need' project hopes to give it the respect and treatment it deserves. The project proposal aims to rehabilitate the ghats (flights of stairways leading down to the river) and crematoria that line a 210-kilometer stretch of its banks.

As an important religious figure, the Ganges supports the largest human population of any river in the world and hosts several different ceremonies like births and cremations. However, due to inadequate resources, the cremations in particular aren't typically carried out hygienically, leading to as many as 600,000 deaths per year from water-borne diseases. 'A River in Need' will not only be a beautification project, but it will revamp the riverside crematoria so that the Hindu ceremonies can be conducted safely.