Angie's List Boasts 80s-Style Pixel Art, Inspired by Iconic Films

 - Jul 19, 2018
References: neomam & angieslist
With playful and nostalgia-inducing 80s-style pixel art, Angie's List creates content that will satisfy the film fanatic. In partnership with creative agency NeoMam, the review-based website showcases seven animated floor plans of genre-defining films. The 80s-style pixel art presentation is incredibly adorable, engaging and of definite interest to those browsing the web for creative content. Professionally speaking, it is geared toward individuals who are "looking to remodel [their] home and need some inspiration."

From the second floor of the Ghostbusters headquarters and Elliot's bedroom in E.T. to the iconic Millenium Falcon in Return of the Jedi and Mr. Miyagi's garden from Karate Kid, the arcade-inspired project will not only motivate some creative design ideas but will also tempt the audience to switch off the computer and indulge in a night of 80s movies.

Image Credit: Featured with Permission