- Feb 11, 2019
These consumer agency innovations put consumers in the creative driver's seat and illustrate brands' desire to build trust with their target markets by letting them bring new products, advertising campaigns and interactive experiences to life through co-creation.

When it comes to notable marketing examples, M&M's interactive ghost story campaign and Uber's 'Year with Uber' videos stand out. While M&M's latest Halloween campaign -- titled Millie & Max: A Ghost Story -- was released in chapters and co-created by fans who voted for plot outcomes online -- Uber's Year with Uber video series consisted of consumers' ride history and notable moments gathered over one year.

Other consumer agency innovations to note include Fox's proposed, upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure film which was recently announced at CinemaCon 2018 along with New Alchemy and the FCFL's latest Esports partnership. The two companies have teamed up to launch the "first fan-controlled sports league backed by the Ethereum blockchain."

From Fan-Powered Esports Leagues to Interactive Audience Films: