3M Tape's Scotch Kousaku Designs Garments with Whispers & Shouts

 - Jul 5, 2014
References: scotch-kousaku & japantrends
Paper is fun for kids to play with, but as a company like 3M tape, how can you possibly compete with the many virtual arts and crafts apps out there? For the summer, Sumitomo 3M set up the Scotch Kousaku website that lets kids make their own paper fashions, but it has a unique twist.

On the site, you're able to create a variety of paper fashions that kids can actually print out and wear, but the really neat part of the experience is that the garments are designed by the volume of your voice. Scotch Kousaku uses a computer's internal microphone and voice recognition, which is translated into various colors and patterns. Naturally, the more vocal you are, the more noisy a pattern will look.