3D Systems' 'Infinity Rinse-Away' Temporary Supports Complex Prints

 - Jul 16, 2015
References: 3ders.org
Now that additive manufacturing is being used as a groundbreaking technology in the automotive, furniture, fashion, medical industres and beyond, 3D printing filaments are becoming super specialized.

3D Systems just released its Infinity Rinse-Away filament, which is water soluble so that it can be used as a temporary support structure for 3D prints that are complex or feature moving parts. Typically, removing support structures from 3D printing requires careful maneuvering or a chemical bath, but because this new filament is made from a biodegradable material, the removal process has the potential to become quicker and easier.

Other noteworthy 3D printing filaments include ones that are made from fully recycled materials, food waste, as well as ones that are highly sustainable or worthy of being used in outer space.