Researchers from BYU Have Perfected the Volumetric Image

 - Jan 29, 2018
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Holograms aren't a new concept, but recently, researchers from Brigham Young University created a 3D hologram projector, producing a "true" 3D image. Previously, the only authentic, volumetric image is an extremely tiny and complicated design, created by LG.

The obstacle of creating a true hologram is the requirement for a physical "something" to reflect the lasers so that an image manifests itself to the naked eye.The BYU team revolutionized the 3D hologram projector by using an 'Optical Trap Display.' By doing so, they were able to trap a tiny particle in free space and force it into a guided trajectory. Illuminated by the lasers and within an acceptable speed, the particle appears as a solid, animated holographic image. Current designs include a butterfly, geometrical prism, rings and a Princess Leia-inspired figure. BYU states that the system is "the first to create a floating, animated images that you can actually interact with."