This Infographic Tells You What To Expect Next year

With the new year only a few days away, a popular topic is the 2013 horoscope. Do you buy into astrology? Do you think the position of the moon and the stars when you were born can really effect your fate next year? Or do you understand it at all? Regardless of your answers to any of these questions, this 2013 horoscope infographic will catch you up to speed.

Did you know there are more Scropios in the United States than any other zodiac sign? The next most popular is Virgo, followed by Gemini.

Although horoscopes aren't an exact science by any means, 40% of people say they read their horoscope once a month to predict the future. Only 5% check their horoscope every day.

This 2013 horoscope infographic finishes off by giving brief summaries for each zodiac sign.