- Jul 11, 2013
Fashionistas looking to add some eco-friendly options to their accessories will look no further, because these wooden jewelry pieces are just the things to provide that chic, naturalistic look that you've been longing for.

When most people think of pieces of wood and timber, images of tables and decor items often comes to mind. These wooden jewelry pieces however, are revolutionizing how these timber pieces of material are being utilized, and showcasing just how stylish and sustainable it can be to incorporate them into your jewelry pieces. From chic geometric bangles made from birch plywood to timber pendants and earrings, these wooden jewelry pieces will definitely add a unique touch to any outfit.

Perfect for those looking to have a slice of nature in their wardrobe, these wooden jewelry pieces will certainly have you feeling more in touch with the outdoors.

From Wooden Fox Earrings to Birch Plywood Jewelry: