The Eye Of The World Designs are Classy and Chic

While bling-bling and bedazzlement accessories are highly coveted fashion finds, wooden pieces are the most sought after as demonstrated by Eye Of The World Designs.

The Eye Of The World Designs for Fall/Winter 2011 collection uses their signature style natural and raw materials from UK to create bold and beautiful belts. With classy aesthetics designs and wild wood dominating the series one can only hope to receive this classy find for Christmas. This exclusive collection is a collaboration by stylist Hope von Joel, craftsman Liam Moyter, and knitwear designer Brooke Roberts.

Dripping with style, elegance and class, the wooden belts can be put with any dress, sweater or shirt. The handmade pieces are fresh and fabulous. The one-of-a-kind Eye Of The World Designs make a crafty style statement that conveys panache.