Les Ouvrieres Wooden Rings Come in Their Original Stenciled Panels

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: lesouvrieres & notcot.org
As Western society continues to evolve into a species of consumers, people grow ever out of touch with the way that their possessions are made. This dissociation has, however, sparked an interest in understanding manufacturing processes, making commodities like Les Ouvrieres Wooden Rings very in vogue items.

The Paris-based company makes these hot hipster accessories by laser-cutting the outline of each finger band from a piece of plywood. These panels are sliced into small rectangular fragments and kept with the lumber jewelry that they've produced. When you purchase Les Ouvrieres Wooden Rings, you'll be given the accessories embedded within their original stencils and wrapped in vintage-inspired paper covers. These trendy adornments come in a range of iconic shapes, from big cut diamonds and ribbon bows to metric rulers and mechanical cogs.