- Sep 18, 2008
You use VoIP, right? Most of you will say yes, but if you’re asking, "What is VoIP?" then I’m guessing you’re also one of those people who still has a giant retro car phone laying aroudn, so it’s time to listen up.

VoIp stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which essentially describes the act of making phone calls over the internet, either for free, or a very low price, using a service like Skype.

100 years ago, rotary phones were the typical means of long distance communication. It wasn’t until the 1960s that people began replacing them with keypad phones.

In the 80s, affluent people were just switching to "the brick" cell phones. By the new millennium, it seemed everyone and their toddler had a cell phone.

The recent credit crunch, however, could make people more cautious of their cell phone bills, making the switch to free VoIP services much more appealing.

19 VoIP Innovations For Free Phone Calls: