The OpenFrame Home Phone

 - Aug 27, 2008
References: gearcrave
A few more years from now, it is possible that landlines will be considered prehistoric. With the presence of high tech innovations like Apple's iPhones, it's not that hard to imagine.

The OpenFrame Home Phone Communication System by OpenPeak offers a solution to that. It is a communication hub that can make your landline look like an iPhone. The set-up comes with two extension handsets plus a base tablet which has a touchscreen LCD. Not only that, it also makes your landline look good! It has the applications included in standard phone and VOIP access as well as internet access, Satellite Radio and a personal organizer or calendar. It also lets the user watch YouTube videos, watch news, search for cooking recipes and get the latest weather forecast.

What would you prefer, a landline which can only be used at home and doesn't feature anything more than traditional calling, voicemail and call forwarding, or an all-in-one iPhone-style phone with applications like a camera, video player and internet access? It is not a difficult choice at all, is it?