Camera + WiFi + VOIP

 - Jan 29, 2007
References: meccano
New robot from Meccano - Spyke's been strutting its stuff at the industry-only British Toy Fair in London's Docklands. Spyke has been showing off his stair-climbing caterpillar tracks and charger-base homing abilities. It will have a two megapixel camera on board for taking pictures of intruders detected by his motion sensors and you will be able to use the camera to control Spyke remotely over the internet thanks to built in Wi-Fi â€" very cool.

The Spyke 'kit' will actually construct up to three different robots and will be compatible with other Meccano parts â€" should you want to give him his own crane. Other features include a loud speaker, built-in VoIP and Skype compatibility. Still no word on when you get your hands on him though.