- Apr 8, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
My inability to grow a beard makes me incredibly envious of all of these epic weird beards. Let's just say it'd take me a lifetime to grow facial hair tentacles.

I'm fine with my scruff, but I'd be better with one of these weird beards. I really want a bedazzled beard just like Brad Pitt. A boy can always dream.

Implications - There's something about funky facial hair that spells out instant cool. Whether you're willing to go all the way with your crumb duster or not, this list has something for you.

For those who like beards, but aren't willing to make a full commitment, something like bearded snow apparel or metal mustaches provide a nice temporary solution. But for the hardcore facial hair enthusiasts, things like beard cages will surely float your boat.

From Facial Hair Tentacles to Hairy Hankys: