From Sharp Switchblade Jewelry to Trigger-Happy Jewelry

 - Jun 15, 2013
Adding jewelry pieces to your overall ensemble can make a significant and bold impression, and if you're looking to showcase a more edgy and dangerous vibe, then these weaponized jewelry pieces will definitely add a hardcore look.

These unique jewelry pieces have utilized the unmistakable appearance of dangerous guns and deadly weaponry to create instantly eye-catching accessory pieces. From bracelets that are shaped like a round of bullets to necklaces that feature miniature guns and knives, these weaponized jewelry pieces will make anyone who wears them feel tough and ready for battle. Suitable for those who aren't afraid to showcase their edgy personalities, these dangerous-looking accessories will certainly add some fearful touches to your outfits.

These weaponized jewelry pieces will certainly make others think twice before trying to snatch them away.