From Heart-Healthy Underwear to Heart-Starting Vests

 - Aug 13, 2012
With obesity increasing its hold on citizens today, individuals should look for ways to keep hearts healthy. North Americans, it seems, have become enticed by and drawn to greasy, deep-fried and saturated fat-filled foods. Shocking carnival foods like deep-fried butter bars, deep-fried PB and J and even Mars bars are destined to cause the occurrence of coronary diseases and cardiac arrests.

However delicious they may be, these foods also have deadly consequences on arteries and hearts. While restaurants like the ‘Heart Attack Grill’ pride themselves on inducing some serious heart troubles, heart disease is not a joke and can be preventable if individuals are proactive about their health.

Keep tabs on your ticker and show it some health-conscious love by familiarizing yourself on the ways to keep hearts healthy.