The Toyota ECG Steering Wheel is Designed to Track a Driver's Heart Health

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: fastcompany
Add "lifesaving" to the list of reasons you should purchase a Toyota. The Japanese car company, famed for its reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles, recently showed off a Prius equipped with an ECG (electrocardiogram) steering wheel. The Toyota ECG steering wheel is designed to monitor the driver's heart rate and detect any abnormalities that could affect his driving abilities.

The Toyota ECG steering wheel would notify drivers if there is a detected abnormality and then instruct him to pull over as the car dials 911 for him. The data from the steering wheel would be viewable to drivers on the car's navigation screen, which would make monitoring your heart's health as easy as going for a drive. In-car heart attacks are not too common, but they often lead to catastrophic accidents that could be prevented with early warning. Toyota has set no timetable on when the ECG steering wheels would be put into cars, but I expect to see them offered sometime soon as an optional accessory before eventually becoming standard.