From Eco Canteens to Bottled Water Baubles

 - Sep 7, 2009   Updated: Apr 27 2011
These innovations in portable beverages will have you ready to ditch your single-use water bottle in a hurry. Whether it's BPA-free eco canteens that can hold everything from coffee to cocktails or baubles that are made from recycled plastic bottles, after checking out the innovations in this cluster, your standard water bottle will suddenly look: boring.

Implications - Disposable containers and packaging are rapidly becoming relics of a bygone era -- an era where the terrible toll that tossed plastic is having on the planet was not a prominent realization in the minds of the consumers. Today's average person understands the importance of using reusable products like these. Companies hoping to stay relevant and successful have to adjust their priorities to accommodate this shift in consumer demand, lest they too find themselves easily discarded.