Cool For You, Good For the Earth

 - Sep 22, 2007
References: mysigg
SIGG USA brings quality Swiss design to reusable aluminum water bottles. Their website says "not everyone is ready to buy a hybrid vehicle," but every baby step towards a cleaner Earth is worth it. Americans add over 30 million plastic water bottles to our nation's landfills every day. Why not drink from something stylish and eco-friendly?

There are dozens of designs to choose from. They come in large and small, flasks for big kids and sippy cups for little kids. They sell scrub brushes and extra caps. And you have the option of customizing your cap too. Unlike plastic water bottles, there is no plastic taste or chemical leaching if the bottle is left in the sun.

Honestly, these bottles are so cool I want to go and buy a truckload. Why not get one for yourself or a friend? It's a practical - and stylish - way to save the planet.