From Fusion Dessert Sushi Rolls to Donut Waffle Foods

 - May 1, 2014
First, hybrid donut confectioneries took the world by storm, but now restaurants are infusing another breakfast favorite -- waffles -- into unlikely suitors to create epic waffle foods. Upon looking at the drool-worthy photos that are included in this list of hybrid waffle foods, you will immediately want to head over to your favorite breakfast place and order a soft, syrupy meal.

Perhaps you'll want to make what Serious Eats user J.Kenji Lopez-Alt recently created: an amazing amazing breakfast that mixes macaroni and cheese with waffles. Or, you can head over to Taco Bell and order its iconic Waffle Taco, which is a Mexican mashup of scrambled eggs and sausage inside a waffle taco shell.

Now, thanks to these amazing creations, it is deemed appropriate to eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!